Matt Wolfe | Mind-bending AI Is Changing Art and VFX Forever

Here's some of the latest research and coolest tools that I've come across over the past few weeks.

I'm trying to get more of a routine down with content so that you have a better idea of what to expect.

Here's my current plan...

Monday (or Tuesday): Latest AI Tech & Tools.

Wednesday: Tutorial or Challenge.

Friday: Recap of the news this week in AI.

00:00 | Intro

00:30 | Drag Your GAN

03:43 | NVIDIA Realistic Hair

04:42 | Real-Time Neural Appearance Models

05:46 | Text2Performer

09:58 | SadTalker

11:00 | Google Earth Studio

12:47 | Kaiber Storyboard

15:34 | Blockade Labs Drawing

18:42 | Future Tools

Matt Wolfe
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