Matt Wolfe | AI Swiss Army Knife | Free Tool Does Everything

Today I'm playing around and experimenting with Pinokio, a single AI tool that does a ton of different things.

00:00 Intro

00:33 Why I've Avoided It

01:27 What It Can Do

02:50 Installing It

03:57 Stable Diffusion Automatic1111

06:14 FaceFusion Face Swapper

08:07 Voice Cloning Tools

09:43 IllusionDiffusion

10:49 Update on XTTS

11:02 Tokenflow (Like Gen-1)

12:08 Locally Installed LLM (oobabooga)

13:40 Final Thoughts on The Tool as a Whole

14:19 Update on Bark

16:05 Where To Find More Tools

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