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Luke Miani | It's not just you... iOS is Getting Worse

With WWDC 2023 and iOS 17 right around the corner, Apple really needs to get their act together if they want to make the most of the iPhone. Lately iOS has been a real buggy mess!

Today we'll go through and break down the most irritating bugs and glitches that I notice on a near daily basis! I also asked you guys to send in your favorite bugs, and oh man were there a lot...

What can Apple do to stop this?

00:00 | A random bug

00:53 | What's going on with iOS?

01:43 | Entire phone lockup bug

02:35 | Bugs just in the last 5 days

03:43 | FaceTime is unusable

05:20 | Viewer submitted bugs

08:09 | Why does this matter?

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