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Klee Irwin | Are We In A Simulation?

This multi-part series by Klee Irwin, founder of Quantum Gravity Research, is about the nature of reality.

One philosophy to consider is materialism, which is the guess that reality is not made of information at its core but is made of material or matter.

The digital physics revolution is the increasingly popular belief among physicists that materialism is a false philosophy and that reality is literally made of information vs being conveniently described by it.

If reality is made of information, two candidates for what its substrate would be include: (1) An emergent universal computer. Or (2) an emergent universal mind.

Either one could serve as the substrate to hold and process information.

The series starts with an emphasis on the instability of human civilization in the 21st century and how quickly old scientific and cultural belief systems are changing.

It ends with the provocative suggestion that a clearer scientific picture of what reality is could shift humanity off course from its current high potential for apocalypse.

Specifically, if the truer picture turns out to be a status quo rejection of the ancient philosophy of materialism, the implication is that it would change how humanity evolves and interacts on this planet going forward.

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