Klaus Schwab | The Great Reset | A Terrifying Prediction for 2030

Is this the Great Reset agenda for 2030? By now, I'm sure you've heard of the World Economic Forum, otherwise known as the WEF. But what are their real intentions for us?

The WEF is an organisation groundskeeping our planet. In short, taking massive steps to create our economic, environmental, and financial world in an image they believe is right for all of us.

However, what's always concerned me is the fact that the WEF, and its leader Klaus Schwab, aren't elected by anyone. But despite this, they're putting their members, who share their beliefs, in positions of power all around the world.

There are some big predictions as to what the Great Reset could bring about by the year 2030. And in this video, I'm going to explore a hypothetical world that could come to pass, if some of the things the WEF have spoken about, or are working towards, become a reality.

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00:00 - You already know The Great Reset

01:12 - The three pillars of the 2030 agenda

01:58 - Pillar One: Surveillance

05:08 - Pillar Two: Finance

08:16 - FTX insert

09:20 - Pillar Three: Scoring

12:06 - The conclusion

13:50 - Some final thoughts