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The Carl Sagan Observatory Optical Space Telescope

The people in charge of managing space telescopes are already planning for the follow-up to JWST: The Carl Sagan Observatory. The plan is to design it so it will be able to detect candidate Exo-Earths!

00:00 - Introduction: JWST planning started before Hubble was launched

01:09 - The Carl Sagan Observatory: “Are we alone?”

01:31 - JWST’s design choices and limitations

04:33 - Why “we’re going to need a bigger boat”

05:17 - Simulation of what an exoplanet system would look like to the Sagan Observatory 

08:00 - How many exo-Earths the Sagan Observatory is predicted to find

08:47 - The improvement to galaxy evolution studies

09:42 - Launch date is planned for 2034 - why so soon?

11:23 - JWST & the TRAPPIST-1 system while we wait

12:47 - Outro tribute to Carl Sagan

13:22 - Brilliant

14:28 - Bloopers

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