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Is the Trojan Horse Discovered in the Ancient City of Troy?

It was reported this week that Turkish archaeologists excavating the site of the city of Troy on the hills of Hisarlik, have discovered a large wooden structure that they believe could well be the remains of the legendary Trojan Horse.

Chuck of the CFapps7865 channel did a video on this yesterday but I wanted a record of the find on the Ancient Architects channel because this discovery could well be a real game changer. I’ve linked his video here:

In new excavations experts have unearthed dozens of planks and beams, some of which are 15 metres or 49 feet long and assembled in a strange form. These wooden fragments were also found within the ancient boundary walls of the once lost city of Troy.

Radiocarbon dating as well as other tests suggest that the wooden pieces, as well as other artefacts date to the 12th or 11th centuries BC and Boston University professors Christine Morris and Chris Wilson believe with a high level of confidence that the structure is at the very least linked to the iconic horse.

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