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Is the Queen's Chamber the True King's Burial Chamber?

In my last video we reviewed the words of the 13th century Arab chronicler, Al Idrisi, who stated there was a sarcophagus inside the Great Pyramid Queen’s Chamber, similar in style to the one in the King’s Chamber.

He also indicates there were once writing on the ceiling, specifically “the most ancient characters of the heathen priests”, which does seem to imply hieroglyphs. 

This got me thinking; could the Queen's Chamber actually be the burial chamber of King Khufu? Was there a viable reason for Khufu to use the Queen’s Chamber?

One reason I can think of, why Khufu would NOT choose to be buried inside the King’s Chamber, is the damage that was caused during construction – yes, major damage that we can all see today - cracked granite beams and subsidence.

On top of this, burial customs in Ancient Egypt meant people were generally buried below ground level, as seen in the Khafre and Menkaure pyramid. Some say the base of the Queen's Chamber is actually inside the top of the natural mound of limestone the pyramid is built over and therefore by being laid to rest inside the Queen's Chamber, means that Khufu would have followed the customs of the day.

In this video I explore the possibility that Khufu was laid to rest inside the Queen's Chamber and that the King's Chamber actually had another function. Find out more about this new hypothesis in the video.

All images are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only.

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