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Install Uncensored TextGen Ai WebUI Locally in 1 Click

The Oobabooga TextGen WebUI has been updated once again, making it even easier to run your favorite UNCENSORED open-source AI LLM models on your local computer for absolutely free! In this video,

I'll show you how to install the text-generation-webui on your computer in 1-CLICK! Plus, I'll showcase the most common and fun use cases of the webui so that you can start having fun with it right now!

An amazing model to check out is Mistral 7B particularity "Dolphin 2.1 Mistrial 7B" it scored a 67% overall on the open_llm_leaderboard. And it supports at least 8K context.

This outclasses most if not all 65B models. Most if not all 13B. And a lot of models between those. It's near the top model and even beats some 70B from what I understand.

If anyone else has a better 7B model to recommend please let me know. And since 70B can't be used at 8K context for most people.

That's another amazing thing about some 7B models.

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