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Huge 1,500-Ton Unfinished Obelisks of Minya (Egypt)

A few days ago I made a video on two enormous monolithic blocks in Middle Egypt, still located within their respective quarries on the east side of the Nile river, close to the ancient city of Akoris.

Each block, quarried during the Ptolemaic Period of Ancient Egypt, is larger than the famous Stone of the Pregnant Woman at Baalbek and estimates say that each weighs between 2,000 and 3,000 tons. They are absolutely huge and because they only really came to light in the past 20 years, and because they’re not on the common tourist route, nobody is talking about them.

Since my last video, I have discovered that there are two more enormous blocks, one of which is bigger than those at Baalbek still within the quarries, these are the Unfinished Obelisks of Minya, and each one seems to be paired with an unfinished colossus.

These obelisks were only discovered 5-6 years ago, still lying on the limestone bedrock and abandoned during the extraction phase. One is smaller than the famous Baalbek blocks, but one is at least 10 metres longer.

How did the Egyptians plan to move these?

Which Pharaoh ordered the work?

There are still a lot we don't know but all the work done so far is presented in this video.

You can find the Unfinished Obelisks on Google Earth using the following coordinates:

Obelisk 1: 28,4.3167 N / 30,48.3243 E

Obelisk 2: 28,4.5279 N / 30,48.5339 E

All information and images are taken from Google Earth and

for educational purposes only. 

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