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How to Build Modern Laravel Apps With Inertia

Inertia.js, created by Jonathan Reinink, is an incredible tool that glues a server-side framework, like Laravel, to a client-side framework, like Vue. Watch this full series in episodic form on Laracasts.

Think of it as a new, modern way to build traditional server-driven applications. With Inertia, you can continue using server-side routing, and controllers, and authentication, and validation.

With Inertia, you don't need to learn how to build an API, and you definitely don't need to use OAuth. Instead, relax and continue creating apps the way you traditionally would. .I really think you're going to enjoy Inertia as much as I do. In fact, Laracasts itself uses Inertia under the hood; I wouldn't have it any other way.

00:00:00 | What is Inertia.js

00:05:37 | Install and Configure Inertia

00:12:00 | Pages

00:17:47 | Inertia Links

00:25:00 | Progress Indicators

00:26:57 | Perform Non-GET Requests

00:33:40 | Preserve the Scroll Position

00:37:43| Active Links

00:44:27 | Layout Files

00:51:48 | Shared Data

00:58:36 | Global Component Registration

01:03:03 | Persistent Layouts

01:06:58 | Default Layouts

01:09:32 | Code Splitting and Dynamic Imports

01:14:47 | Dynamic Head and Meta Tags

01:24:03 | The Most Important SPA Security Concern

01:30:55 | Pagination

01:44:05 | Filtering

01:57:41 | Inertia Forms 101

02:08:27 | Render Failed Validation Messages

02:13:58 | Inertia Form Helpers

02:21:21 | Better Performance With Debounce and Throttle

02:25:57 | Authentication With Inertia

02:42:56 | Authorization Tips

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