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How the CIA Secretly Spied On Climate Change

A few years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a top-secret, first-of-its-kind US spy satellite program was declassified, leading to the unexpected story of how former enemies became scientific allies, and technology invented for Cold War espionage was repurposed to study and combat the newest and greatest threat to human civilization: Climate Change.

00:00 | Peeking behind the Iron Curtain

01:52 | Spies in space

02:53 | A time machine… but for Earth

03:41 | Early days of the Space Race

05:37 | Code name: CORONA

08:37 | No more Iron Curtain… now what?

10:48 | Spies… but for the Earth

13:20 | New data & unlikely allies

16:31 | Teamwork makes the dream work

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