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How Far Away Is It | JWST 1st Release (2022)

Hello and welcome to the How Far Away Is It look at the first images released by the James Webb Space Telescope. It’s been a long wait, but I’m sure you’ll find it was worth it.

I’ll start with an early test photo of stars in the Lage Magellanic Cloud. It gives us a hint as to how much more detail we can expect to see with Webb over other space telescopes. Where I can, I start segment with a Hubble image to show the contrast.

We’ll take a look at the first formal image release starting with a look at the ‘cosmic cliffs’ in the Carina Nebula followed by the beautiful Southern Ring Nebula.

We’ll then cover Webbs analysis of three beautiful galaxies: a bared spiral, a classic spiral and the Cartwheel Ring galaxy.

Next, we’ll cover Stephan’s Quintet with a deep look at what Webb found around its central supermassive black hole.

And last, we’ll take a deep dive into Webb’s first deep field image.

David Butler