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How Apple will Destroy Facebook Metaverse

Mark Facebook thinks augmented and virtual reality are so critical to humanity’s next stage of collective… digi-evolution that he just changed his name to Mark Meta.

Mark dialed his emotion chip all the way up to… 2, and went very publicly Wreck ‘Em Ralphing through a range of absolutely uncanny experiences… from gaming to gathering to meetings to… well, thankfully not matings...

But you get the idea. After having missed out on owning mobile, and consequently having his apps subject to the privacy policies of iOS and the constant intermediation of Android, he simply doesn’t want anyone, any… thing, coming between his Oculus-fronted Horizon harvesters and our data… all of our data. 

But, according to Morgan Stanley, Tim Apple’s own VR & AR projects are getting ready for liftoff, and they’re likely to leapfrog what every other company, including Meta has in mind.

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