upisnotjump 2 years ago

Half-Life: Alyx is NOT an Absolute Nightmare | This Is Why

I return to review VR games again, and what better virtual reality game to review than Valve’s Half Life: Alyx. No major story spoilers but I talk about Half Life: Alyx’s gameplay at length.

Virtual Reality finally has a game I think most can agree is a great game that has been made excellent in VR. I may not be a Half Life fan as such, but I have played Half Life 1 and 2, and Half Life: Alyx has made me fall in love with the series.

Half Life Alyx is without a doubt the best virtual reality game I have ever played, I compare it a lot to Boneworks and The Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners because I think it highlights where those games missed the mark a little, and what future games need to try and do to make VR really take off as a platform. 

I played Half Life: Alyx on the Index, but it seems to play just as well on the Vive. I would recommend the Index version as the Index has the best virtual Reality controllers I have used so far. 

Anyway, that’s enough of me talking about VR, go get Half Life: Alyx if you can!

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