Great Pyramid | Lost Technology of the Grand Gallery Revealed

The Great Pyramid stands as a testament to human ingenuity.

Both outside and in, the builders of the pyramid followed a master architectural plan, and executed it to perfection. Because, more than 4,500 years later, the structure still stands. It’s not a crumbling ruin, it’s not a danger to human life.

Thousands of tourists enter each year, and we can’t wait to feast our eyes on the King’s Chamber, the heart of the Great Pyramid. But to get to the magnificent, granite-lined room, every visitor must take the majestic path through the Grand Gallery.

Our eyes are drawn to the magnificent corbelled walls and ceiling. The shear height of the Gallery reflects the grandeur of the greatest structure of the ancient world, filling us with anticipation and wonder.

But the Grand Gallery is as mysterious a feature as any other part of the Great Pyramid. It could be an ancient wonder in its own right. There are things we all walk past, things we don’t even see for looking and so things we don’t question.

Well, it’s time to shine a light on this passageway… to reveal the secrets of the Grand Gallery… and to discuss the ideas of an architect who believes he’s solved the mystery. Yes, in this video we look at how it was used to build the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

00:00 Introduction to the Grand Gallery

03:35 The Finer Details of the Grand Gallery

10:24 How the Grand Gallery Functioned

13:02 Explaining the Slots

13:36 The Mysterious Groove

14:11 The Scratches

14:44 The Great Step Was Never a Step

16:08 The Missing Bridge

17:45 The Plug Blocks

18:53 How Did People Leave the Pyramid?

19:40 Developing the Construction Model

20:54: The Big Void

22:21 Concluding Remarks

Matt Sibson
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