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Instrument AI, Inflection-2, Titan AI, GNoME AI, SDXL Turbo

The AI news in the past 7 days has been insane, with so much happening in the world of AI.

So in this video we're diving into some of the latest AI developments from major players like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and more.

We'll explore Microsoft's integration of DALL-E 3 into Paint for Windows 11, Amazon's new AI assistant Q for business, Google's musical AI experiment Instrument Playground, Elon Musk's predictions about AGI, Inflection-2, Runway's Motion Brush tool for animating images, speculations about OpenAI's new model Q*, Amazon's Titan Image Generator for developers, Google DeepMind's material discovery tool GNoME, and Stability AI's fast image creation tool SDXL Turbo. 

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