Geoff Hinton | The Godfather of AI quits Google to Warn of AI risk

Geoff Hinton, the "Godfather of AI", quits Google to warn of AI risks (Host: Pieter Abbeel)

00:00:00 | Geoffrey Hinton

00:02:45 | Backpropagation on digital computers might be better than whatever the brain has

00:06:30 | Will the AI take over control from humans?

00:10:10 | Predictive AI vs. Goal-Oriented AI

00:13:34 | AI smarter than people

00:16:55 | Risks of AI

00:19:35 | Let's not forget about the tremendous good AI will do

00:22:44 | Letter for a 6-month stop to larger AI model development

00:26:28 | Role of regulation

00:32:45 | The existential threat of AI taking control

00:36:06 | AI as the benevolent super-capable “United Nations” advisor to humanity

00:40:03 | What would happen if the AI did take control?

00:41:44 | Fusing human and artificial intelligence / Neuralink

00:44:00 | Assuming AI will take over, is there room to steer how life will be then

00:47:05 | The bottom line: the purpose of life

00:54:00 | Technical opportunities to contribute towards a good AI-powered future

00:56:18 | What are you going to do now?

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