Everyday Astronaut | Starship Q&A and Prelaunch Party!!!

Join us LIVE from the edge of the exclusion zone as we answer your questions about SpaceX's exciting mission, the first test flight of the most powerful rocket ever built, Starship, currently scheduled for Monday, April 17, 12:00 UTC [7:00 a.m.]. There's a 150 minute launch window.

The goal of the test is to get as far along in the mission as possible with a handful of important goals such as; clearing the launch pad, reaching max Q, getting to stage separation, ignition of Starship, burn Starship's engines for 7 minutes and 20 seconds which would get Starship up to nearly orbital velocities and would place Starship on a suborbital trajectory that will cause it to reenter just north of Hawaii.

This would allow the teams to test the reentry profile and heat shields for the first time from orbital velocities. 

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