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Venus | Declassified Images by the Soviet Union

Imagine a world one can only describe as hell.Clouds of sulfuric acid move at the speed of sound.Lead and even zinc melt here. Sulfur evaporates here. And even carbon dioxide turns into something that modern physics can't explain.

Is it a distant exoplanet millions of light years away? No. This is Venus. And we can see this hell every day when looking at the sky. And this is a real hell, even though it seems so tiny.It's hard to imagine a place that would be so incompatible with life.

But is it so? Or not?

The recent discoveries stirred up the scientific community and rekindled its interest in Venus.Are there really new theories explaining the origin of those strange creatures taken by the station on the planet's surface half a century ago? Wait a minute! Did I say "creatures"?! You’ve heard that right.

I know, this does sound intriguing.

So let's embark on this exciting journey.

What was found on Venus?

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