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Cosmic Vistas | The Most Breathtaking Sights In Our Galaxy

A compilation of the best 'Cosmic Vistas' episodes from Season 1 featuring unparalleled views of the sun, planets, and distant worlds.

Cutting-edge scientific thinking and incredible imagery provide a brand new perspective on the cosmos.

If an alien 65 million light-years away see's Earth through a powerful telescope, they can still see dinosaurs.


00:00:00 - Windows to Other Worlds - Fountain of Creation

00:26:04 - Rocky Shores - Silent Partner

00:52:12 - Borderland - Red Dawn

01:18:17 - Lords of Gravity - Outer Limits

01:44:01 - Hidden Havens - Icy Gems

02:09:58 - Shooting Gallery - Galactic Visions

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