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Change Your Voice to Any Celibrity with This Free AI

Dive deep into the insane world of voice-changing and voice-modeling AI programs to learn how you can change your voice to absolutely anyone!

In this episode, we will test and explore the software called Voice.ai and use it to not only transform our voice but also create the voice of any person.

Right from setting up the program to getting free credits to train voice models, we will cover it all. I hope you find this episode interesting.

00:00 | Celebrity Voices

00:38 | Where to get the software?

00:47 | Platforms

01:05 | How to set up?

01:38 | Record Mode

02:25 | Live Mode

03:44 | Record Limit

04:06 | Best Place to Get Music for Videos

05:03 | How to get other voices?

06:03 | How to get coins/credits?

07:08 | How to create a voice?

09:22 | What do you think?

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