boston-dynamics 3 weeks ago
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Boston Dynamics Robots Get Artificial Intelligence

Robots from Boston Dynamics will get advanced artificial intelligence, neural networks will be able to translate the language of all animals, incredibly fast nanorobots will travel inside the human body, a robot-surgeon will perform an operation on the ISS. See these and other technology news in one video right now!

00:00 | Intro

00:28 | Robots from Boston Dynamics get advanced artificial intelligence

01:52 | AI will never be intelligent

02:50 | Earth Species Project hopes to develop a neural network that can decipher animal language

03:16 | Species Project decides to go around and create an algorithm

04:07 | A gadget to control your smart home with your mind

05:04 | Nanobots

05:19 | The world's fastest bowel robot

06:10 | Robots will join the U.S. space forces

06:47 | Surgical robot to be tested on ISS

07:37 | GITAI News

07:59 | The first launch in NASA's Artemis lunar mission

08:34 | Super Heavy rocket successfully passes first static firing test

08:57 | Gigafactory in Canada

09:22 | Baidu says its Jidu robot car autopilot will be a generation ahead of Tesla's autopilot

10:02 | A system that can calculate the optimal end design and calculate the best trajectory for grabbing objects of any shape

10:25 | A drone to search for gold and jewelry

11:22 | Engineers have trained a drone with 12 rotary screws to manipulate objects