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Blaxxun 3D | The leader in Real-Time 3D Communication (1998)

Blaxxun is the leading real-time multi-user platform for the delivery of shared interactive 3D content on the Web. The blaxxun Platform is ideally suited for deploying and managing rich-media conferencing and community applications. Designed from the ground up for collaborative virtual environments, applications powered by the Blaxxun Communication Server can be experienced with or without a plugin.

Date: 06-08-1998

You read about the Metaverse in Snowcrash, now come and experience the real Black Sun. Blaxxun Contact 4.0 is built with VRML (the Virtual Reality Modeling Language). VRML is open, and this means that you can build your own world and avatar with VRML and connect it to this vast and expanding labyrinth of Blaxxun worlds.

Chat in text or Cooltalk voice (if you have it plugged in to Netscape) or even start Microsoft NetMeeting to talk with other Blaxxun citizens.

Colony City is a soon to open new VRML-based community by the same people that brought us Cybertown. In this Mining Co. exclusive we take get a preview of the plans and some sample worlds of this forthcoming community.

Much of the information for this feature comes from Pascal Bauder creative director of Cybertown who generously provided the details. Cybertown started in 1995 and is one of the most successful community based sites out on the Web. It receives over 14 million hits a month, this is a big-time project!

One of the aspects the most impresses me about both Cybertown and Colony City is the highly polished and professional look to the whole world. This isn't just a bunch of hackers trying to make yet another cool world. There is a coherent visual style and it's all set with in a consistent futuristic fantasy world with a consistent framework.

An overview of Cybertown from Pascal:

Cybertown is a huge and increasingly popular cutting-edge virtual community on the World Wide Web where people can have fun, be entertained, learn things and explore the best of the Internet. The community is set in the latter part of the 21st century and is off-world. Part of the town's creation and administration is now being turned over to the community itself so that it becomes a self-creating and even more active community.

Every month Cybertown is featured in magazines, newspapers, books and CD-ROMs all over the world. Cybertown also shows up on TV in many countries. As of 1998, Cybertown has received more than 80 awards and receives more than 14 million hits a month. Featured links to Cybertown exist on the

Microsoft Network, AOL, Prodigy and WebTV. Cybertown has built what C/Net Central recently called "one of the most dynamic and entertaining cybercommunities on the Web."

Through magazine, Internet, CD-ROM membership, Net presence, Print advertising, Cybertown intends to increase its already broad popularity thereby developing further revenues from sponsorship links, Web design, paid entertainment access and other revenue streams.

One of the goal of Cybertown since 1995 has been to create the whole city has a complete immersive multiuser virtual reality environment.

Colony City is that 3D multi-user sequel to Cybertown. During 1995 and 1996 Cybertown successfully experimented with one of blaxxun's first multi-user environment and although an early and limited effort it demonstrated the potential.

Places in Cybertown

The Plaza

The Plaza is the first place a user is taken once logging in. It links to other places, and thus is akin to a real city plaza.

The ePlex

The ePlex is an entertainment center. It features games such as bowling and video poker, an art gallery, streaming video and music, and even a dance club named The Black Sun.

The Clubs

The Clubs are clubs created by Cybertown users based upon interests. Persons with a specific amount of EXP can create a club, anyone can join one.

The Flea Market

The Flea Market is a central place for people to sell items that they own.

The Black Market

The Black Market is akin to the Flea Market, except visitors are not allowed to view the chat. the black market was a linked to area of the cyberhood colony.

The Mall

The Mall is where members can purchase items for placing in homes or giving as gifts or prizes. All items available for purchase were created by members.

Le Café

Le Café is a fun place to hang out, get a drink, and chat with friends.

The Bank

the bank was a location to send money to other players, and other CC related functions.

The Library

The Library is a multilevel building designed for peaceful reading. In 2D there are links to many online book sites.

The Suburbs

The Suburbs are 3D worlds created by members of Cybertown.

The Outlands

The Outlands was a 3D battle arena where members used teleporting blasters. Back in the early days of CT there was an event called "morph games" where two factions the Loyalist and Rebels fought in official scored battles for the control of colonies. In the original morph games, the Morph/Rebels faction won the "battles", and gained control over the cyberhood colony. subsequent games such as aftermath were won by the rebel factions, before ultimately closing out due to tampering by Game master Talonn, to fix the results of the games.

The Pool

the pool was another hang out area similar to le cafe and the eplex

Sunset Beach

sunset beach was a beach hangout spot similar to le cafe, the eplex, and other themed areas

The Fun Park

the fun park was an amusement park themed hangout area similar to le cafe, the eplex, and sunset beach.

The Water Park

the water park was a water park themed hangout area similar to le cafe, etc.

The Theme Park

the theme park was a theme park hang out area similar to le cafe, etc.

Flyby park

A reused version of the neoworld battlegrounds from the original morph2 games, flyby park was named after mayor flyby, who died and subsequently had the park named after him as a memorial.

The Clubs

residents could start a club, using the premade club buildings.


Site of the original "battleground" from the first morph games which involved a treasure hunt in order to "win control" of the cyberhood colony..


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