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Biography | Al Pacino | The Godfather of Cinema: Heat

Al Pacino is an American actor, director and screenwriter. Al Pacino entered the history of cinema in the image of the gangster Michael Corleone from The Godfather, Tony Montana from Scarface and Lefty Ruggiero from Donnie Brasco.

Thanks to the roles of Al Pacino, films such as Heat, The Devil's Advocate, Scent of a Woman have become iconic.

Who is Al Pacino? How has Al Pacino changed the film industry?

What films do you need to watch to get acquainted with the creativity and talent of Al Pacino?

This is the Biographer channel! In our video today, we will talk about Al Pacino's career, personal life, and path to success.

Get comfortable and watch the full biography of Al Pacino!

00:00:00 | Intro

00:00:37 | Early years

00:07:31 | Successful theater actor

00:12:49 | Talented nominee

00:40:29 | Achiever

01:06:37 | Pacino nowadays

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