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Sir David Attenborough #Space and Time

BBC Earth Lab | One Hour Of Mind-Blowing Space Mysteries

Ever wondered if there's another you in a parallel universe? What if life on Earth actually arrived from space?

Get ready to uncover the puzzling mysteries that question everything we once thought about our incredible universe...

00:00:00 | What Is Dark Energy?

00:07:36 | Strongest Magnet In The Universe

00:14:41 | Is There Another You In A Parallel Universe?

00:22:44 | Why Is 95% Of The Universe Missing?

00:29:34 | Why Is Earth Spinning Faster?

00:36:47 | Secret Behind Jupiter's Northern Lights

00:44:25 | Have We Trashed Space Forever?

00:51:57 | Are These Signals From Aliens?

00:58:57 | Did Life On Earth Arrive From Space?

01:05:52 | Mission DART: Stop Planet-Killing Asteroids

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