An Important Giza Rock Outcrop & the Origins of the Great Sphinx

South of the Khafre causeway on the Giza Plateau, and directly to the north of the Tomb of Khentkawas, is a limestone bedrock outcrop known as GCF1, and yes because of this particular photograph, taken from this particular angle, it has been referred to by some as the ‘Second Great Sphinx of Giza’.

But it is only roughly reminiscent of Giza’s famous monument, and only when you look at it from the south, because when you view it from any other direction, especially from above, we can clearly see that this clickbait hypothesis is nonsense.

I can say with some confidence that this is not, and never was, a second Sphinx.

But that should not detract from just how interesting and important GCF1 is to our understanding of the development of the Giza plateau, because not only can it be used as key evidence when debating an age-old Sphinx hypothesis, it also had importance in its own right, and in this video I’ll explain why.

Matt Sibson
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