A Journey Back to the Beginning of Times

Today we invite you to join us on a fantastic journey to the past and see the most crucial milestones in the paleontological history of our Earth, as well as watch with our own eyes the creatures that used to roam it.

First, we’ll go as far back as the Archean – the earliest prehistoric Eon when living organisms were around. We will find out what kind of creatures lived on our planet in those mysterious times.

After that we’ll try to understand when and why life left water, so hospitable and safe, and ventured onto land, so forbidding and unwelcoming.

After that we will see some of the most notable creatures from the times of the dinosaurs and also those who were to succeed them.

At the end of our journey we will take a look at the most tragic moments in the history of the biosphere on Earth which nearly left our planet a barren desert.

00:00:00 - Intro

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00:02:52 - What Was the Earth Like before Dinosaurs? 

00:19:22 - How Did Leave Left Water and Come onto Land?

00:37:19 - What Was the Earth Like with Dinosaurs Around?

00:54:55 - What Was the Earth Like after Dinosaurs?

01:09:51 - What Happened during Global Extinction Events?

01:23:05 - Final

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