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10 Strange Anomalies you may NEVER have seen at Giza, Egypt

On this channel I don’t often do these 'Top 10' type videos because it’s hard to find something of interest and just gloss over it. Usually, if you find one curious and interesting anomaly from Ancient Egypt, it leads to an entire video or even a series of videos.

But this weel I’ve managed to collate 10 bizarre points of interest on the Giza Plateau, 10 strange anomalies, that I can fit into one video, and its thanks to the website of the Laboratory of Alternative History, linked below in the sources, because they have recorded so many strange anomalies on their website.

So please watch the video all the way through and please comment your thoughts below.

In this video I also shout out a new channel 'History with Kayleigh'.

Kayleigh covers a number of fascinating ancient history subjects and always gives incredible detail and insight, with real in-depth research. Subjects on her channel already include ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Europe and more, so please subscribe now:

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